Work Requests in Atlanta

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Learn more about ARAC Roof It Forward - Georgia's recent work requests in Atlanta, GA
Vicinity of Bolero Lane in Atlanta
We are in the inspection period on a home. We were hoping to contact you regarding giving us an inspection and estimate on the roof. We are not yet in possession of the home so we would need to coordinate an appointment. Thank you.
Vicinity of Spalding Cir in Atlanta
Roof replacement and gutters repaired
Vicinity of Lynn Circle in Atlanta
The roof at said address hasn't been replaced for 13 to 14 yrs. Please go to the property after giving me a heads up and assess whether a new roof is required, then provide a quote. Thank you!
Vicinity of Atwood Rd NE in Atlanta
I have a small (7' X 15.5') flat roof above a sunroom that I want to replace. Not sure if EPDM is right way to go but it's not a huge job. I have a couple pictures too if interested.
Vicinity of Shannon Drive SW in Atlanta
Dry rot eaves/soffits/fascia around roof
Vicinity of Appling Dr in Atlanta
We have some minor leaks appearing in our roof in a house we just bought. I'm guessing the roof has reached its the end of its life, as the prior owner couldn't give us an age. We're looking for an opinion as to whether we should repair or replace. Thanks!
Vicinity of Page Ave in Atlanta
Roof leaks
Vicinity of Cardova Dr in Atlanta
Need a quote for copper gutters
Vicinity of Atlanta,GA in Atlanta
I want to repair the rooftop, so can you suggest me something
Vicinity of Regalwoods DR in Atlanta
Just purchased a mid century home that has never had gutters & I want 6" flat faced modern gutters
Vicinity of Peyton Woods Court in Atlanta
Roof replacement due to wind damage
Vicinity of Beverly Rd Ne in Atlanta
Need qutation on copper gutters
Vicinity of Allison Drive NE in Atlanta
Shingle roof is past usable life. Would like estimate for replacement shingle vs metal roof
Vicinity of Westover Dr in Atlanta
Vicinity of Winterhaven Ct in Atlanta
This evening I discovered roof shingles in my backyard that were not there earlier when the lawn was mowed. Would like to have someone take a look at my roof to determine whether they were from my roof and if there is damage from the storm, what my options are. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cole Ln in Atlanta
Would like my roof to be inspected for damage
Vicinity of Deborah Dr, NE in Atlanta
House built in 68 with metal roof that has a slight pitch that was probably originally flat. Can you give me an est on restoring to orig. roof?
Vicinity of Middlesex Ave Ne in Atlanta
Would like to get a roof repair quote.
Vicinity of Ridgedale Rd in Atlanta
Roof leak has developed around dormer window which is over porch ceiling and has caused beadboard on ceiling to separate/warp. I'm interested in quote to repair.
Vicinity of Pleasant Shade Dr in Atlanta
Roof is nearing the end of its useful life and looks to need replacing.
Vicinity of Kingsdale Dr. SW in Atlanta
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Old Chapel in Atlanta
2 leaks inside the house in the area of the roof vents
Vicinity of Dudley Lane in Atlanta
Leak in ceiling in living room when raining.
Vicinity of Gresham Ave SE in Atlanta
Tree Fell on my roof and I am trying to get someone to fix it. There are four holes in the roof and the corner of the house and gutters are damaged. I have 60's ranch style one story home. thank you.
Vicinity of Peyton Woods Trail SW in Atlanta
Recently, my roof was "repaired", but the contractor did a subpar job. Every time it rains, the ceiling in my den and different parts around the house become damp from apparently rain leaking in; thus, a faulty roof. I wanted to know how much it would be to get our roof repaired the correct way, fix our gutter and rain drainage system, and fix a small piece of siding that was destroyed during the first contractors "work".
Vicinity of Bishop Way NE in Atlanta
Leaking through the gutters and portions of the roofing.
Vicinity of Wieuca in Atlanta
What's your availability
Vicinity of Forest Overlook Trail, Sw in Atlanta
Gutters need replacement. Would like to get an estimate asap.
Vicinity of Lee Andrews Ave in Atlanta
Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them. Psalms 62:10 I have three layers of roof and need a new roof. Thank Jesus for your help. What will it cost?
Vicinity of STOKESWOOD AVE SE in Atlanta
Fellen gutter. Needs to be replaced
Vicinity of Glaspie Way in Atlanta
Need maintenance free gutters replaced around the house
Vicinity of Mount Vernon Hwy NW in Atlanta
New roof and gutters.
Vicinity of Briarwood Boulevard in Atlanta
Need new gutters for my new metal roof
Vicinity of Highland Lake Court in Atlanta
I need an estimate/repair on a leak. I had a new roof installed last year, but still have the same leak. I also would like to know what kind of shingles do I have and the cost of an inspection. Thank you.
Vicinity of Marie Ave in Atlanta
New gutters
Vicinity of Lorenzo Dr in Atlanta
Vicinity of Rockmart Dr Nw in Atlanta
Replacing a roof
Vicinity of Berne ST SE in Atlanta
Would like quote for gutters and downspouts to be installed on left, rear and right side of the house.
Vicinity of Pickfair Ave Sw in Atlanta
Need an estimate on gutter cleaning and gutter guard install.
Vicinity of Nacoochee Pl in Atlanta
Need some shingle repair for a "slate type" roof and flashing issues around sunroom
Vicinity of Harts Mill Rd in Atlanta
Interested in a quote for a metal roof - not sure i can afford it
Vicinity of Lenox Road NE in Atlanta
Would like to get an estimate for gutter cleaning and roof repairs.
Vicinity of Pine Tree Trail in Atlanta
My front gutter came down during the storm last week. It's hanging to the side. I probable needs to replace the back also. I live in a Condo. I live between two Condos.
Vicinity of Crosswycke Forest Drive NE in Atlanta
Possible small roof leak. Notice wet spot on ceiling in kitchen. Need quote for retainer wall replacement in backyard.
Vicinity of Collier Dr Nw in Atlanta
Need new gutter on front of the front of hose and guards.
Vicinity of Thomasville Dr. SE in Atlanta
Replace or repair single family home roof
Vicinity of Rivers Call Blvd in Atlanta
Two small intermittent leaks (seems only when windy) and want to add a cover over a side door
Vicinity of VALHALLA DR. NE in Atlanta
There is Roof leaking. When will be the earliest appointment for estimate? Thanks!