Work Requests in Canton

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Learn more about ARAC Roof It Forward - Georgia's recent work requests in Canton, GA
Vicinity of Ravenstone Way in Canton
Atlas Chalet with possible damage - want to replace shingles
Vicinity of SASSAFRAS XING in Canton
We have a roof leak we need repaired. Water running down inside of attic ceiling and dripping into bedroom and a/c vents.
Vicinity of Sugar Lake Drive in Canton
My roof is due to be replaced fairly soon, so I'm in the process of gathering proposals. I have no problems with the roof at this time, no storm damage, just normal age, wear and tear. Age of roof is approx 19 yrs. can you reply with proposed date/time for checking out my roof? Thanks
Vicinity of Blankets Creek Ct in Canton
I would like an attic fan installed (in roof)
Vicinity of Plowline Rdg in Canton
I have a shingle at the end of the ridge line that has torn and is now leaving a hole for water to enter the home. Ridge is located on 2nd story. Home is at 202 Plowline Ridge in Canton. Seeking your estimate, availability, and advise.
Vicinity of Martinique Trace in Canton
Check roof for damage and if it qualifies for a replacement.
Vicinity of Chestnut Drive in Canton
I will be listing my home in the next week, and would like to check a place on the roof.
Vicinity of Carmichael Circle in Canton
My roof was replaced by your company 2 years ago and I have a soffit on the back of my house that has water damage that needs to be repaired
Vicinity of Whispering Woods Drive in Canton
Replacement roof free quote request
Vicinity of Breckenridge Dr. in Canton
Looking for a free room inspection following the storms to see if I am a candidate for a roof replacement.
Vicinity of Sugar Pike Way in Canton
I have Atlas Chalet and USAA. I've already had it inspected several times by USAA, they are not going to replace it. I'd like to replace the roof and gutters before I have problems.
Vicinity of Ivygreen Chase in Canton
We were told that our roof shows signs of hale damage and are getting estimates on replacement Please let me know if/when you can come out. Thanks.
Vicinity of Bradshaw Estates Drive in Canton
Would like to add fiberglass blown insulation to existing insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Mountain Trace in Canton
I have sun room I would like to get covered with what I assume would be some type of commercial application. Right now it's just a metal with seams about every 4-5 ft. The roof is about 12x20'. It is slowly leaking and I am looking for a solution to seal it out.
Vicinity of Carmichael Circle in Canton
My roof was replaced by your company about a year and half ago and on the back of my home there is a segment of wood between the gutters and the roof that has some water damage and rot that I need addressed. Can someone please give me a quote on replace/repair
Vicinity of Ball Ground Hwy in Canton
Roof is leaking , Shingles installed in 2008..
Vicinity of Breckenridge Dr. in Canton
New gutters only no down spouts. some boards need replaced. had roof replaced 8 mths. ago.
Vicinity of New Point Lane in Canton
I found a roof shingle on the ground and I don't know if there is a problem with my roof or not. I need someone to come look at it.
Vicinity of Ridgewood Trail in Canton
We're looking for an estimate. We've been in the house almost three years and have seen a lot of storms and wind during that time and want to be ahead of any problems.
Vicinity of Tamarack Trail in Canton
Hello! We are interested in an estimate for repair of our copper gutters, as well as an estimate for replacement of our wood shake roof over our covered parking area. Thank you!
Vicinity of East Hampton Place in Canton
Roof damage from recent hurricane. Need good company to work with our insurance company. Have not contacted ins yet.
Vicinity of The Falls Of Cherokee Drive in Canton
Would like estimate for roof replacement and chimney repairs around roofing.
Vicinity of Jay St in Canton
Roof replacement. 16 years old, original roof on house
Vicinity of Toonigh Rd in Canton
I was curious when i had my roof completed on 3/9 did you install gutters on the house on all sides?
Vicinity of Julie Court in Canton
Our roof may be leaking onto the living room ceiling, so we would love to see if the insurance would cover to replace the roof from wind and previous hail damage.
Vicinity of Beauty Dr in Canton
Hi We have some shingles that are coming up in some areas and also need to have someone go over the roof and renail.where the nails are backing out Thank you
Vicinity of Charles Cox Drive in Canton
Hello, I have a deck roof that needs to be replaced/repaired. It's around 12 x 20. I am interested in a metal roof. The roof is basically flat, and the current roofing leaks. I also need new fascia board and a gutter. Thank you, Barb
Vicinity of Towne Mill Ave in Canton
We have Atlas Chalet shingles and they appear to be in poor condition, possibly due to wind. We recently purchased the home and are trying to make a determination of whether we should file an insurance claim or not.
Vicinity of Towne Mill Ave in Canton
Possible hail damage from April storms. USAA sent out an adjuster who said since the hail was not golfball size, it could not have done damage.
Vicinity of Custer Way in Canton
Roof leaks, improperly installed hardie plank siding is flaking apart on dormers and chimney. Possible window leak
Vicinity of Orchard Walk in Canton
You have contacted us a couple times in regards to a new roof. We would like for you to come out and give us an estimate. Thanks
Vicinity of Deer Park Trl in Canton
Gutters are starting to detach from the house along with one of the gutters believe to be to small to handle the water load. Attempting to get some quotes on fixes.
Vicinity of Woodbrook Crest in Canton
It appears a design flaw will not let water drain properly. looking for a solution and estimate
Vicinity of Redbud Ter in Canton
Water leaking around patio door. Water damage visible on inside wall directly below door from basement. Had the door replaced a couple of years ago due to water issue but it is recurring.