Learn more about ARAC Roof It Forward - Georgia's recent work requests in Kennesaw, GA
Vicinity of Dukes Creek Drive NW in Kennesaw
We have a leak suddenly!!! Help!
Vicinity of Homestead Circle NW in Kennesaw
I need repairs done to roof and gutters after a large limb fell on my attached garage.
Vicinity of Hilton Circle in Kennesaw
Vicinity of Elmendorf Ct Nw in Kennesaw
Roof replacement. Dealing with Insurance. We think there might be wind damage.
Vicinity of Kinghorn Dr NW in Kennesaw
Orginal roof - 17 years old
Vicinity of Simpson Dr in Kennesaw
Repair roof leak estimate and Roof replacement estimate
Vicinity of Thousand Oaks Place NW in Kennesaw
I am looking at the possibility of having my roof replaced this year. I would like to arrange for someone to come and take a look and provide a quotation. Evening and weekend appointments are better for me if possible. Could you please provide some suggested dates and times? I prefer if you can contact me by email. Many thanks, Richard
Vicinity of Walnut Creek Drive NW in Kennesaw
Would like to get roof inspected as well as estimate on adding attic insulation.
Vicinity of Clubside Lane in Kennesaw
Wind damage to roof.
Vicinity of Hartley Woods DR in Kennesaw
Tree limb fell on roof creating ~8 inch hole/gash
Vicinity of in Kennesaw
Gutter has fallen because of heavy winds Need Repair
Vicinity of CARL CREEK TRAIL NW in Kennesaw
Total roof replacement
Vicinity of Morningcreek Cir NW in Kennesaw
Recent gutter cleaning crew found a soft spot in the roof over the garage. They claim to have "almost fallen through". Need roof inspection and repair.
Vicinity of Parkview Trace in Kennesaw
Roof repair needed where satellite dish was moved around several times. I have about 8-10 holes drill into the roof. Shingles will need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Lorien Way NW in Kennesaw
I would like to have my roof inspected modified and or replaced before installing wild life control measures.
Vicinity of Gabriel Way in Kennesaw
We would like a quote to replace our gutters.
Vicinity of Country Creek Drive in Kennesaw
Tree limbs hit roof and punctured it. Back corner of house
Vicinity of Cori Court in Kennesaw
My home is currently sided with LP composite and I would like to get an estimate to replace it with vinyl siding. The current siding is breaking down in places.
Vicinity of Deerfield Drive NW in Kennesaw
Had lots of big pine branches hit roof and sides of house. Need to assess any damage.
Vicinity of Allyn Drive in Kennesaw
I would like to replace the roof and gutters. Could you please write these estimates separate. I plan to move in a few years when I retire so I don't want to pay high-dollar for a new roof. Please use the lower weight felt and a less expensive architectural shingle, with less that a 20 yr roof warranty. Thanks
Vicinity of Stanwood DR NW in Kennesaw
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Barksdale Court in Kennesaw
Looking for a new roof
Vicinity of Northfield Way in Kennesaw
Our roof is 15 years old. There is a small leak above the laundry room. I would like to get an estimate on getting a repair or replace the roof and gutter.
Vicinity of Summerbrooke Dr in Kennesaw
Roof inspection. Gutters replaced. Repair a few pieces of rotten soffit.
Vicinity of Crestwicke Drive in Kennesaw
Need to replace damaged soffit and attach small amount of lose siding that may need to be replaced
Vicinity of Abington Walk in Kennesaw
Require free estimate of following each item separately 1. Remove few rot wood sliding below deck 2. Replace existing rot wood sliding: Install hardwood sheet, water barrier, hardiePlank cement sliding and caulk to seal siding 3. Install few hardiePlank cement sliding in front of garage and caulk to seal siding 4. Replace a wet wood below sink in kitchen 5. Check any water leak under sink in kitchen 6. Replace windrow trims of all windows and caulk to seal for painting 7. Pressure wash all outside sliding and deck 8. Paint outside house - All siding of house, trims of windows, Deck 9. Replace few window screens of house Please inform if your representative can schedule a time to visit my home so that I can show him work details.
Vicinity of Spindletop Dr in Kennesaw
Roof replacement.
Vicinity of Cressington Bend NW in Kennesaw
Replacement roof
Vicinity of Keith Ln in Kennesaw
Would like to replace existing roof with architectural roof on a 1 story brich ranch
Vicinity of Mark Place NW in Kennesaw
Need our gutters replaced. They are in horrendous condition.
Vicinity of Castleair Dr. N.E. in Kennesaw
I need to get a quote for my Insurance company to replace my roof and repair / replace cedar siding and damage to gutter and a bay window.
Vicinity of Rosedown Ct Nw in Kennesaw
Our gutters need to be cleaned and repaired where necessary.
Vicinity of Shillings Road in Kennesaw
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Westover Lane in Kennesaw
I need a roofer to go out to a property I have under contract and give us an estimate for repairs to the roof and an estimate to replace the 20 year old roof. Our due diligence expires on Tuesday, May 30th at midnight, so I would need it scheduled prior to then,
Vicinity of W MILL BND NW in Kennesaw
I have a small hole in my fascia that needs to be repaired and it clearly appears to be caused by squirrels/rodents.
Vicinity of Hackmatack Dr. NW in Kennesaw
Whole home gutter replacement. Ready to start ASAP. Need estimate 5/8/17/ or morning 5/9 if possible.
Vicinity of Elmhurst Blvd in Kennesaw
I want to get and install gutter guards
Vicinity of Welshfield CT NW in Kennesaw
1) Replace chimney cricket; 2.) Remove nearby inactive metal chimney (never connected to a stack); and 3.) As needed reroof with, a) new plywood sheathing, b) roofing felt, c) shingles, d) flashing, e) sealant (caulk) for proper seal, and f) guarantee you work for ___ years.
Vicinity of Howard Court in Kennesaw
I would like to speak to you about replacing damaged vinyl siding on my home.
Vicinity of Mossy Way NW in Kennesaw
Need a full roof replacement with architectural shingles.
Vicinity of Callaway Ridge Drive NW in Kennesaw
Building a two car garage, so this is new construction. I need a roof, house wrap, interior and exterior painting - so several different projects over time. I would like to get a quote.
Vicinity of Turnstone Dr NW in Kennesaw
Old roof probably needs to be replaced. Would like roof analysis and quote to replace. Thanks!
Vicinity of Lost Mountain Trace, NW in Kennesaw
Roof leaking. Two rows of shingles need to be replaced, and also leaking at vent pipe. Roofer used bad silicone.
Vicinity of Rocky Top Court in Kennesaw
Leaky roof skylight area less than 10x10
Vicinity of Hickory Branch Trail NW in Kennesaw
Looking to have my roof looked at to determine the remaining life also seeking a quote for replacement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Sumit Wood Dr. in Kennesaw
I just want a written estimate on my roof to be replaced. Its old and its time for it to be completed. Please contact me via email. If I dont haft to be home to have this completed that would be great! Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Butler Springs Trace in Kennesaw
Estimate for a leak
Vicinity of Hartley Woods Drive in Kennesaw
Property at 85 Hartley Woods Dr currently only has a gutter over the garage -- we're looking to replace that portion of gutter and are also wanting to determine what the cost would be to install gutters on the remainder of the house. Please call if you have additional questions. Thanks.
Vicinity of Glenlake Pkwy in Kennesaw
I need to get an estimate for replacement Gutters and downspouts at the rear of house.
Vicinity of Starmist Ct in Kennesaw
Leaking roof broken shingles
Vicinity of Amhurst Way in Kennesaw
I would like to schedule a free estimate for complete roof replacement.
Vicinity of Victoria Way NW in Kennesaw
Need an estimate, 3 skylights leaking.
Vicinity of Farmbrook Trail in Kennesaw
Chimney leak New gutters
Vicinity of Rockpoint Drive in Kennesaw
I have a leak in my roof located close to the chimney. I would like someone to look at it and give me an estimate.
Vicinity of Hampton Crest Lane in Kennesaw
Need an emergency repair due to closing on house on Wed Dec 30. A couple of shingles seem to have popped up at the edge of the back of the house. There isn't any leaking the house, however, need it repaired before closing on Wednesday. It's a two story house and I don't have a ladder tall enough to repair myself.