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Mike Conley

Sales Representative

Mike grew up in the Warren Central township area of Indianapolis. After high school he went on to serve in the Army National Guard as a military police officer, where he received a cross of heroism for rescuing 25 Indianapolis residents from an apartment fire as an off duty civilian. He has continually worked for the Indianapolis community in various law enforcement and security positions. He most recently received his 13th "life savers award". Mike is excited to continue to serve the people of Indianapolis with Roof It Forward. What drew Mike to Roof It Forward is the commitment to family and service. He experienced this commitment first hand when he had a roof put on his 100 year old farm house in Danville. He and his family were so impressed by the service and the gorgeous new roof. As a professional girl dad and step dad, family is the most important thing to Mike. He will be getting married in the fall and is excited for these new adventures with ARAC Roof It Forward.