Work Requests in Marietta

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Learn more about ARAC Roof It Forward - Georgia's recent work requests in Marietta, GA
Vicinity of Mill Run Dr in Marietta
We have 2 spots on our roof where water is seeping through to the ceiling.
Vicinity of Northwoods Dr in Marietta
Possible roof leak
Vicinity of Stoney Brook Lane in Marietta
We took out a fireplace and need the roof patched where the tin chimney pipe is.
Vicinity of Hick Ford Road in Marietta
My home in Ellijay GA received roof damage (have 2 holes in the roof) in the recent Storms on July 21 and I need to get some repairs done and or a roof assessment to see if the damages will require a new roof.
Vicinity of Clayhill Pointe Sw in Marietta
Need a new roof, gutters, paint, windows and doors
Vicinity of Baccurate Way in Marietta
Roof analysis and gutter replacement quote
Vicinity of Shadow Bluff Dr in Marietta
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: painting. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Trickum Rd in Marietta
Vicinity of Park Manor Ct in Marietta
I would like to have my roof inspected for any damage.
Vicinity of S Hillcrest Drive in Marietta
Need to replace roof with .
Vicinity of Coleman Dr SW in Marietta
I need a new roof
Vicinity of Devonshire Drive in Marietta
Two primary issues. Most importantly, there is apparently a leak that appeared in our upstairs hallway ceiling and to a less serious extent directly below in our kitchen ceiling. Possibly due to a point where two roof lines meet directly above. Hard rain in May caused it to become worrisome. Second issue is there are two valleys that angle towards each other over the front porch and the water just shoots right over the gutters and during hard rain creates a river of rainwater, washing away mulch and soil. Not sure if shingles hang too far over or if something else.
Vicinity of Mary Lane in Marietta
Hello, I am Jean Hilyard, with HomeAid Atlanta, I am working with Ralph Bell, the executive director of Sheltering Grace Ministry, SGM, a non-profit maternity home in Marietta. SGM is the only dedicated maternity home serving women 21 and older in the north Georgia area. There is a maternity home in Marietta that needs roof repair, well replacement. HomeAid is partnering with Sheltering Grace and will bring a group of people from the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to do work at this home (painting, interior and exterior, landscaping, etc.) on Friday, September 7. We would very much love to have a new roof at this location before our Care Day event so the new paint job will not get ruined from later roof work. We welcome the opportunity of discuss this project and your potential assistance with you at your earliest convenience. Please see our websites to gain a better understanding of what we do and how our efforts benefit the community. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future! Thank you!
Vicinity of Bennington Drive in Marietta
On 5/16/2018, when raining, there was water leaking through ceiling on my screen porch in two places.
Vicinity of Langley Oaks Dr SE in Marietta
We need to add some blown-in insulation to our (large) attic.
Vicinity of in Marietta
I might need a roof replacement. Did some repairs that cost me around $800 but shingles keep flying off occasionally
Vicinity of Webney Drive in Marietta
Not emergency. Seem to have some leakage around an attic fan vent where apparently some water came in, probably a few months ago; likely could have been melting snow. In heavy rain today, only an extremely slight amount of nearly mist level droplets.
Vicinity of Tabbystone Lane NW in Marietta
Hail damage to roof requiring replacement. This will be an insurance claim.
Vicinity of Clare Cottage Trce SW in Marietta
Need roof repair estimate.
Vicinity of Gardenside Cir SE in Marietta
Need quote for roof, gutter and gutter guards (whatever recommended to keep debris out).
Vicinity of Wood Valley Dr in Marietta
Approximate 10' section of aluminum ridge vent cap blown off. Cap located on backside of roof caught on a vent pipe. Possible wind damage to several shingles.
Vicinity of Spring Creek Ct. in Marietta
Would like an inspection of ~15 year old roof for storm damage and potential replacement
Vicinity of Meadow Way in Marietta
New roof
Vicinity of Glynnwilde Dr NW in Marietta
Getting estimates for gutterglove installation on a 3 1/2 year old house
Vicinity of Cobb Parkway North in Marietta
Need a price to replace a flat commercial roof with TPO. Thank you.
Vicinity of Moss Stone Lane in Marietta
Just wanted to make sure we don't have roof damage from the recent storms. I noticed a couple of shingles missing.
Vicinity of Westersham Pl SW in Marietta
Interested in learning more about your roof replacement services. Thank you!
Vicinity of Reef Road in Marietta
A tree branch fell through our roof, and we are looking for an estimate to replace the entire roof. Is there any possibility to get an estimate this week? Thank you!
Vicinity of Winding Creek Lane SW in Marietta
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: gutters. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Penncross Drive, SW in Marietta
My roof is 19 years old and has wind damage. I've made a claim with my insurance company, and they have already paid the claim. I'm interested in a quote from Roof it Forward to replace my roof.
Vicinity of Cauthen Court Northeast in Marietta
Need exterior painting as well as replacing pieces of rotting wood
Vicinity of Roxton Lane in Marietta
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: painting. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Wingard Dr. in Marietta
Leaky roof
Vicinity of Ramblewood Drive in Marietta
Have a persistent leak that I have been unable to repair. Would like an estimate to find and fix the leak. Also would like an evaluation of the entire roof. It is approx. 12 years old. Would it be better to replace the whole roof? Thank you
Vicinity of Lincoln Dr in Marietta
A small portion of the roof shingles look disoriented, need an estimate and a quick repair.
Vicinity of Church Street in Marietta
Want to repair or replace existing gutters.
Vicinity of Missy Drive in Marietta
Estimate for a new roof
Vicinity of Timberstone, Hollow Court in Marietta
Have several missing roof shingles that need replacing.
Vicinity of Oriole Lane SE in Marietta
We are looking to get a second estimate for our roof. We are checking to see if we need a new roof. Thank you.
Vicinity of Oaktree Ct. NE in Marietta
Replacing gutters
Vicinity of Belford Drive in Marietta
Vicinity of Belmont Crest Drive in Marietta
Hi! We had a leak in our home yesterday from the storm. We have a bay window with an awning that leaked through to the drywall. We would like a professional opinion on how to fix the exterior.
Vicinity of Brandl Dr. SW in Marietta
Need a roof replacement.
Vicinity of Wynn Drive in Marietta
Need to have 2 skylights removed and roof repaired/replaced for low slope roof. Current roof is a torch down modified bitumen. Relatively small roof over back deck.
Vicinity of Poinsettia Dr in Marietta
Need a new roof (:
Vicinity of Bells Ferry Road in Marietta
Need new gutters and would like to get a quote.
Vicinity of Windridge Drive in Marietta
Need new roof, many years since last roof (-40 years). Some leaks, new one tonight.
Vicinity of Hillboro Circle in Marietta
We had a tree branch fall on the back of our house and take down part of the gutter and a downspout. We would like to get an estimate to have it repaired. Thank you.
Vicinity of Foreststone Way SW in Marietta
Need roof
Vicinity of Tappahannock Trail in Marietta
Need to install gutter guards to keep tree debris, etc. out of my gutters.
Vicinity of Milford Creek Lane SW in Marietta
The inspection on this home suggests that there are some roof issues. Our due diligence expires June 13, 2017. We would love to have a licensed roofer assess the roof and tell us what the repairs the condition of the roof would warrant and give us an estimate. .
Vicinity of Longfellow Trail in Marietta
Need an estimate to repair/replace gutters
Vicinity of Promontory Drive in Marietta
Gutters and downspout replacement - match color
Vicinity of Rockwood Drive in Marietta
Two different leaks from heavy rain approx 2 weeks ago. Would like to have estimate on repair. Cleaned gutters last week and do not know if this was the problem or not. Thank you
Vicinity of Chestnut Springs Trl in Marietta
Have some intermittent leakage around a pipe that's coming out of the roof. Also just check for general condition of the roof, as it may be getting close to needing to be replaced anyway.
Vicinity of Holly Springs Rd in Marietta
Need estimate on replacing roofs on two houses. The homes are located on same property about 300 ft apart. One house has a roof over.
Vicinity of Millhouse Landing in Marietta
I have roof leak. Potential a replacement new roof.
Vicinity of Carillon Crossing in Marietta
I would like to get an estimate for installation of gutter screens.
Vicinity of Catalina Drive in Marietta
My wife used Roof It Forward for some work on a rental house she was prepping to sell and was very happy with you. Hoping only part of the roof needs repair. The hood of our oven leaks when we have a hard "sideways" rain. Straight rainfall doesn't do it. It only happens when it is windy when it is storming. Please respond initially by email. I'm a a police officer working the overnight shift, and I am asleep most of the day and prefer not to have to wake up for the phone. Thanks!
Vicinity of Wilmington Circle NE in Marietta
Need a new roof. Original to house 20+ years old
Vicinity of Raquel Drive in Marietta
I'm looking for an estimate on gutter replacement.
Vicinity of Falling Brook Drive in Marietta
I noticed a leak in attic from vent during a storm and would like a quote on fixing this issue. Thanks, Robert
Vicinity of Windburn Dr in Marietta
Vicinity of High Rock Ter in Marietta
Roof leaks
Vicinity of Flagstone Lane in Marietta
We need an estimate on some roof repairs. Causing a leak in the home. 2-stories. Roof is 16-17 years old.
Vicinity of BRISTLECONE DR NW in Marietta
Need to replace a gutter on the back of the house that does not contain the water flow. Looking to replace ASAP. Thank you!
Vicinity of Stonehenge Way in Marietta
1. broken shingles along front gutter 2. leak on ceiling near chimney and in bathroom 3. exhaust pipe shroud.
Vicinity of Plymouth Ln in Marietta
Looks like water coming down from the walls and outlets.
Vicinity of Wilkinson Mill Court in Marietta
Just completed a renovation. Need gutter augmentation for my main roof and new gutters installed on the new addition.
Vicinity of Williams Drive in Marietta
Our office has 3 roof leaks need of repair.
Vicinity of Dogwood Forest Drive in Marietta
I would like to schedule an inspection for Friday, Jan. 6th to provide me an estimate to replace my asphalt roof. It is a bit smaller than 2,500 square feet of roof. We have had a leak and the roof is 15+ years needs to be replaced. I do not wish to wait until next week to get an estimate...and I am eager to get the new roof.
Vicinity of WELLBORN WAY SW in Marietta
Sliding shingles and gutter issues.
Vicinity of Buckingham Drive in Marietta
Age of roof
Vicinity of Blackwell Way in Marietta
Water Stain in master bathroom ceiling
Vicinity of Glenover Circle in Marietta
Roofing replacement from hail damage. Insurance claim.
Vicinity of Evanstone Lane in Marietta
20 year old roof that needs replacing
Vicinity of Avatar Ct. in Marietta
Need estimate for roof replacement
Vicinity of Mimms Dr in Marietta
Have some wood rot in a section of sheathing. Would like a quote and timetable for the repair.
Vicinity of Perch Dr in Marietta
Gutter, roof work
Vicinity of Meadow Way in Marietta
Roof has minor leak in area connecting sunroom to main house, and the sheathing appears to need repair or replacement. Looking for estimates to re-roof the entire roof.
Vicinity of Forest Highlands Drive in Marietta
Need roof replacement. Considering metal roof.
Vicinity of Georgetown Bluff in Marietta
Roof is 17 years and has existing storm-related damage. Damage was inspected, last year, by Allstate appraiser who did not feel the damage was sufficient to warrant replacement claim. I am prepared to replace roof, out-of-pocket, and am requesting bids from several qualified roofing contractors. I would appreciate bid from ARAC based on satisfactory reports from other previous customers in our neighborhood.
Vicinity of Crest Ridge Way in Marietta
I would like an estimate for roof replacement, exterior paint, and entry door replacement.
Vicinity of Sutton Dr. SW in Marietta
Looking to do insulated vinyl siding, gutters covers, etc...
Vicinity of Holly Springs Rd in Marietta
We have an old roof that has some leaks and need a new one.
Vicinity of Bridgehampton Rd in Marietta
We have several leaks our home is 30 years old have had only one roof replacement 15 yrs ago
Vicinity of Woodgate Dr in Marietta
Need new roof, decking, rafters sistered, soffit and fascia work, and gutters. Thanks.
Vicinity of Christine Dr. in Marietta
I have some serious leaking. I don't know exactly where its coming from. I would like to get a quote for the repairs.
Vicinity of Cranmore Chase in Marietta
Chimney on 2 story home needs rot repair and painted.
Vicinity of Kelly Drive in Marietta
I need an estimate on roofing and painting the exterior of my home.
Vicinity of Soaring Way in Marietta
We have an 18 year old roof and noticed water damage where our ceiling meets the wall in our family room. There's about 5 to 6 homes in our neighborhood that had their roof replaced in the last month. We'd like to find out if there was any wind damage recently and to get a quote on a potential roof replacement.
Vicinity of Gardenside CIR in Marietta
Demo old roof, furnish and install new roof
Vicinity of Madison Woods Dr in Marietta
Home is 16 years old so looking to replace the roof. Also neighbors have had hail damage so would like that looked at as well.
Vicinity of CLARIDGE WAY NE in Marietta
Looking for to have rotted siding replaced and interior ceiling drywall repaired and painted. Ceiling was damaged by rain entering the rotted siding. Thanks, Eric
Vicinity of Woodberry Lane SE in Marietta
I would like to receive an estimate on window replacement, metal roofing and gutters.
Vicinity of Frankie Lane in Marietta
Roof started leaking after all the storms we recently had.
Vicinity of HAMPTON PLACE in Marietta