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Most common causes and signs that a leak has occurred 

  • The roof hasn't been properly maintained. See our Roof Maintenance Package page for details about what aspects of the roof needs monitoring.
  • UV damaged, rotted, or torn rubber boots around pipes.
  • Sagging areas on the roof.
  • Nail pops or exposed nail heads.
  • Missing, torn, or broken shingles.
  • Chimney flashing and skylight flashing issues.
  • Gutters are not appropriately pitched and securely fastened or they are clogged with debris.
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Most Common Symptoms

  • Rotted decking
  • Stains on ceilings
  • Drywall damage
  • Mold growth

How we handle the repair process

Our restoration consultants and technicians are highly trained to handle these type issues every day. On or prior to arrival, we review the information provided and work on diagnosing the leak. We then provide a free video roof inspection and typically conduct an interior inspection too which involves reverse leak tracing from the attic. Once diagnosed, we agree upon a price and schedule the repair. Often, we can have a technician on-site to repair the leak within 24-48 hours of the initial visit.

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