Storm Damage

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Have Damage From the Recent Storms?
Or Just an Old, Worn-Out Roof?

Is There Damage That's Invisible From the Front Steps?
Top 10 Warning Signs Your Roof Suffered Storm Damage.

  • Missing tabs or shingles.
  • Shingle edges are curled or tabs are cupped. Shingles should lay flat on the roof.
  • Bald spots where granules are missing. Shingle granules in your gutters or around your downspouts.
  • Round shaped divots on shingles.
  • Debris in the yard - leaves, tree limbs, etc.
  • Damaged siding.
  • Dings and dents on the cars and mailbox, torn window screens, and spatter stains on the solid metal surface of the air conditioning unit and the green utility boxes located near the street
  • Neighbors are getting new roofs.
  • Water spots and stains on your ceiling.
  • Roofers are knocking on your door, non-stop :)

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