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Your roof is only 8-12 years old and you have a leak. When installed, the roofing company told you it was a 20-30 year roof. Well, the shingles are probably still in good condition, but there are a few weak spots on the roof.

Plumbing pipes, HVAC exhausts, vents, and flashings are penetration points on every roofing system. These are sealed with asphalt products. The shingles are made of asphalt as well and have granules that protect the asphalt from the sun. The sun is every roof's enemy. Asphalt will last for years in direct sunlight, but not forever. The asphalt products will begin to crack and break over time. These products need to be maintained before the leaks begin.

The roofing system is also held down by nails. These nails do their job in hot and cold temperatures, but some of these nails can't hold on and become known as popped nails. These nails will push a shingle up or push through the shingle and create holes. Popped nails and exposed nails will create holes in your roof where water can find its way inside. These nails need to be removed or sealed.

All of these weak spots on the roof need to be maintained to keep your roof protecting your home. It is recommended that a maintenance package be performed on a roof every 8-10 years in order to prevent leaks from occurring. ARAC Roof It Forward conducts these types of jobs on an almost daily basis.

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Our maintenance package correctly replaces pipe boots on all plumbing pipes. In addition, we install weather collars on the boots. By doing so, this will extend the life of those boots by protecting them from direct sunlight. We add sealant to all exposed nails and all flashings. Furthermore, we inspect the roof for popped nails. We remove the popped nails and correctly seal the holes. Finally, we will also clean the gutters while on the roof.


Hiring us to perform a roof maintenance package will allow you to sleep better at night knowing you are maintaining the most important part of your largest investment, Your Roof. You can trust us to do it correctly. Give us a call today for a free video roof inspection to evaluate the condition of your roof!

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