ARAC (Alliance Restoration and Consulting) wishes you a HAPPY EASTER!!

ARAC (Roof It Forward) Rolls out it's new truck wrap!!

April 02, 2015


ARAC (Alliance Restoration and Consulting) has just finished it's first truck wrap featuring our "Roof It Forward" program.

ARAC is a very unique commercial and residential contractor. Not just because of the quality of our work and the character of our people, but because of our mission. ARAC exists to honor God through giving. We have made a commitment to give back to the community a portion of every dollar that comes into the company through partnerships with local charities and other organizations that make it their mission to love and help others. We have built into our business model a responsibility to give away a portion of how God graciously blesses us to help those that need to be blessed. When people decide to hire ARAC Experts, your money goes further than just getting a quality job… We ROOF IT FORWARD!

Let us know what you think of the wrap:

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