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City of Omaha, NE Contractor licensing

April 28, 2013

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City of Omaha Contractor licensing
Make sure you are using a licensed contractor in the city of Omaha Nebraska. The following are the requirements for licensing in the city.
Ask to see a copy of your contractors City of Omaha license.
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Frequently asked questions
  • Who is required to be licensed? Any one doing construction work for hire on projects that requires a building permit.
  • Do all of the people in the firm have to be licensed? No. Only one person in the company needs to be licensed.
  • What is the role of the licensed contractor? The licensed contractor is responsible for the over site of the entire project. This includes managing of the work, scheduling of the subs and compliance with the building codes.
  • Does a homeowner have to be a licensed contractor to work on their property? No. A homeowner can do work related to the International Residential Code on their own property. What they cannot do is take out the permit and then hire un-licensed contractors to do the work.
  • Can I help my neighbor work on a project? Yes, you can assist your neighbor, family and friends as long as there is no pay for doing the work.
  • What if I work for a licensed contractor as a framer and start doing more framing on the side for myself? At that point you would be required to become a licensed contractor.
  • Why is the city requiring a 10 million dollar bond? The city is not requiring a 10 million dollar bond. They are requiring a 10 thousand dollar bond. If you are currently doing work for the city, you would have that bond.
  • As a licensed contractor can I do plumbing, electrical and mechanical work? No. Those trades all have their own unique license requirements and will continue to have them.
  • As a property owner can I still do my own plumbing, electrical and mechanical work? No. It is currently not permitted by ordinance and will not change if the ordinance passes.
  • Is it going to cost me hundreds of dollars each year to obtain my CEU’s for recertification? No, there are manufacturers that provide free seminars in this area all of the time. They cover all aspects of construction methods and materials. Most include some type of breakfast or lunch.
  • If I own property and do work on it do I have to have a permit? Maybe. There are specific exemptions in Chapter 43 of the Omaha Municipal Code that are based on exemptions in Chapter 1 of the IRC. If the work falls outside of the exemptions, then a permit is required.
  • I am licensed by the state; do I need a city license? Yes. The state has a registration to confirm that you maintain workmen’s comp insurance. It is not a license.
How do I get licensed?
  • When does this go into effect? An Amendment to the original ordinance was passes March 13, 2012. It goes into effect on March 28th, 2012 however the requirement to have the test passed and be licensed will not go into effect until September 1st of 2012. 
  • Can I take the test now? Yes. The test is available by going to the following website: Click on the tab for certification and testing and follow it to Contractor Certification. Follow it to the State of Nebraska and open that tab. Currently you will find Bellevue listed. You may take those tests until Omaha’s is released. A passing test from Bellevue will reciprocate to Omaha. Testing is currently based on the 2006 ICC code series. (Current Omaha Code Series) 
  • What class of license should I apply for? There are five classes of license:
  • Class A contractors can do work on all structures up to and including high rise buildings.
  • Class B contractors can do work on all structures up and including four stories in height.
  • Class C contractors are home and duplex builders.
  • Class D contractors are residential remodeling contractors.
  • Class E contractors are roofing, siding, window and deck installers.
  • I build sheds and residential garages, should I take the Class A test? No. The Class A test is a highly specialized test dealing with “heavy” commercial construction such as high-rise buildings. If you have never worked in this type of construction most of the test questions will seem foreign to you.
  • How much does the license cost? Each license is good for a 3-year period. The fee to the city for each license is as follows:
  • Class A and B …….  $300.00
  • Class C ……………  $200.00
  • Class D and E ……  $100.00
  • Do I have any insurance requirements? Yes. Insurance is required in the following amounts:
  • Class A and B ………… $1,000,000.00
  • Class C ……………….. $   500,000.00
  • Class D and E ………..  $   300,000.00
  • Do I have to have a bond? Yes. A bond in the amount of $10,000.00 is required.
  • I am licensed by the state; do I need a city license? Yes. The state has a registration to confirm that you maintain workmen’s comp insurance. It is not a license.


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