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Do I Need More Insulation in my Attic?

August 02, 2022

Attic insulation is one of the most important elements when it comes to the temperature regulating your home. Unfortunately, many homes do not come with the proper amount of insulation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, almost 90% of homes in the United States are under-insulated. If you're asking yourself "Do I need more insulation in my attic?", the short answer is yes! Continue reading to learn more about attic insulation.

Problems You May Have With A Lack of Insulation

Higher Energy Bills

Without proper insulation, your attic will not be able to retain your home heat in the winter or cool in the summer. Since the conditioned air will be seeping through your attic, you'll end up with more expensive energy bills. By insulating your home, your home will be able to trap in your heated or cooled air.

When installing insulation, you should also get a radiant barrier. This will protect your home from being heated by the sun's rays, reducing how much you need to cool your home.

Ice Dams On Your Roof

The heat that escapes through your poorly insulated roof can result in ice dams forming on your roof. Ice dams are ridges of ice that form on the edge of your roof or on your gutters. As ice dams melt and refreeze, they will build up and prevent water from running off your roof, causing standing water to remain on your roof. These ice dams can damage the structural integrity of your roof due to the weight and leaks that can be caused by the standing water.


R-value is the measurement of insulation's ability to reduce the amount of heat that comes in and out of your house. The higher the R-value, the better reduction in heat flow. The recommended R-value for your insulation is based on your geographic area and the climate associated with that area.

Insulation Options

The best insulation option is blown-in fiberglass.

Blown-in insulation works well for attics with enclosed existing walls, open wall cavities, unfinished attic floors, and hard-to-reach places. This is a great choice if you want to add additional insulation to the existing amount of insulation in your attic, oddly shaped attic spaces, and around any obstructions.

Fiberglass insulation is the most common type of insulation material. Fiberglass itself is made up of small pieces of recycled glass that are developed into fiber. The glass material allows it to trap air and slowly transfer heat. The R-value for fiberglass insulation for walls can range from R11 to R19 and up to R30 for ceilings and attics.

Without a roofing contractor's expertise, you might not know the best way to go with your attic insulation. Our highly trained service technicians at Roof It Forward can recommend and install thermal insulation upgrades in your attic. ARAC Roof It Forward has been providing high-quality roofing solutions to the Metro Atlanta area since 2005. We aim to provide top-tier service to our customers to keep you and your family safe in your home. Contact us today to schedule your home insulation estimate and inspection!


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