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Essential Home Renovations: When to Replace Your Roof

July 17, 2023

Invest in a new roof! If your roof is showing a weathered exterior and sporting signs of water damage, it might be time to give it a facelift. In the long run, a full roof replacement now could save you thousands of dollars in repairs later. Keep your home safe and dry with a new roof, today!


As your home's first line of defense, your roof plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe and dry from the elements. Yet, like all good things, nothing lasts forever. Over time, roofs accumulate wear and tear, and while there are scenarios that can be solved with simple repairs— fallen limb scars, minor weathering of roofing materials, and isolated leaks, for example— extensive damage can put your home's structural integrity at risk.

From a financial perspective, replacing a roof is a major and costly renovation project that leaves most homeowners feeling uneasy. In favor of a faster and more economical solution, many homeowners turn toward slapping a handful of repairs on their roofs. However, what many people do not realize is that constant repairs over several years may end up costing you more than a complete replacement right out of the gate. To gain a better understanding of when it might be time to replace your roof, we've listed a few telltale signs below that homeowners should watch out for. Keep reading to see if your home is a candidate for replacement.

What are the Key Signs of Damage?


One of the largest signs that a roof may be in need of replacement is it outliving its lifespan. A common asphalt roof will typically last for about 15-20 years, with a bit of give or take depending on the lifespan of its accompanying shingles. The type of roofing materials and surrounding climate also affect the longevity of a roof as well as the effort involved in proper ventilation and installation. A few key signs of poor ventilation include condensation on the underside of a roof deck, delamination of plywood in the attic, and trouble cooling the second story of your home on a hot day. Homeowners should also be wary of errors made when the previous roof was installed, such as large amounts of tar covering flashing in addition to missing crickets behind chimneys. Poor workmanship may lead to a roof needing a replacement ahead of schedule.

Upstairs or Attic Water Damage

The most well-known indicators of a roofing issue, leaking, and water damage remain detrimental to a roof's structural integrity. Look out for moisture spots and peeling paint as well as brown, yellow, or gray stains, particularly if they appear multiple times throughout the home as this can be an indicator of severe damage.


In a similar vein of problems due to water damage, a sagging roof caused by rotting structural boards can be another sign that a replacement is imminent. Trapped moisture normally causes a roof to sag at its lowest points. To check for sagging spots, survey your roof from both up close and at a distance as well as from multiple angles. If your roof is not made up of straight lines, it might be time to schedule an inspection.


Moss, Mold, and Fungi: If you find any of these growing on your roof, you've located an area of trapped moisture. Before reaching out to a professional, you can try removing this vegetation with a stiff brush, but if they return, you may have a more serious problem.

Curling or Buckling Singles: This sign indicates that portions of your roofing materials are no longer attached to the roof. These can become hazards as strong winds or rainstorms can strip them from the underlying structure. While shingles are repairable, the curling and buckling could be a sign of a larger issue underneath.

Missing Singles: The severity of this issue depends on the number of singles lost, their location, and the condition of the surrounding area.

Missing Flashing, Gutter Guards, or Fascia: These are signs that your roof is no longer structurally sound and could be vulnerable to damage.


While the idea of replacing your roof appears like a daunting task, being proactive and completing this project when necessary minimizes repair costs, decreases the likelihood of injury, and protects your property. Homeowners should rest assured of the fact that in most cases, replacing a roof is the most cost-effective solution in light of the improved durability and energy-saving technology in roofing materials over the past few years. Want another bonus? A timely roof replacement also maximizes the resale value of your property when you want to put it back on the market.

Still unsure if your roof needs a little TLC? We've got you covered. At ARAC Roof It Forward, we offer free roof inspections as well as employ experienced professionals who provide high-quality services in roof repairs, replacements, insulations, and more! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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