Owens Corning sees drop in roofing demand during Q2

Hail of a season

July 09, 2014


From South Carolina to upstate New York, and across the West and Midwest, hail storms are generating tons of summer work for roofers. But along with all the work, there are loads of suspicion aimed at roofers from homeowners, insurance adjusters and local authorities. At any time, a Google search for "news hail roofing" always turns up with reports of scams high on the search list. The usual report tends to seed suspicion against even the most reputable companies. Homeowners are advised to be wary, so make sure you position your company in response to those warnings. At the very least:

  • Register with the state or municipality where required.
  • Make sure you're in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Cultivate referrals from past customers, and put these forward to prospective customers.
  • Keep your website up-to-date so homeowners can verify contact information.
  • Offer a signed agreement that outlines all the work that will be done, start date, estimated end date, price, and information on warranties.
  • Take payments by credit card, so owners have recourse to the added protection offered by credit card companies.
  • Be sure you're familiar with the inspection process from insurance companies.
  • Most important of all, give the owner time to make a decision and don't charge up front.


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