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Roof It Forward - Above the Rest: Choosing the Right Roof Company for Your Home

October 03, 2023

Your roof protects your family and your home from rain, hail, snow, sun, and more. When you choose a roofing contractor to work on such an integral part of your home's protection, you want to make sure that they are responsible, trustworthy, and perform high-quality work. Use these tips to choose the right roof company for your home.

See How Long They Have Been In Business

When entrusting a roofing contractor with such a crucial piece of your home's protection, you want to ensure that they are experienced. When researching roofing companies, check how long they have been in business. This allows you to get an idea of how experienced they are with different roof repairs, materials, and roof replacements.

Ask About Licenses, Insurance, and If They Are Bonded

Before you have a roofing company start working on your roof, you want to make sure they are licensed and insured. Not all states require roofing companies to be licensed, so do your own research to see if your state requires it. If your state does not require licensing, still ask how the contractor can prove their skill

As for insurance, any reputable roofing company will have insurance for workers' compensation and liability. Working with a roofing company that has the proper insurance coverage prevents you from facing any risk or liability while the company is working on your roof.

If a roofing contractor is bonded, it means that if a company goes out of business in the middle of a job or if the customer needs to file a claim against the company for unfilled contracts, then the customer can receive funds from the bond company. This provides a level of comfort and reassurance that the roofing company is operating ethically since the bonding company will only put up a bond if they have full confidence that the roofing contractor will complete their work and operate properly.

Don't Allow Price To Be Your Main Decision Point

While you want to keep the repairs cost-effective and within your budget, you cannot allow price to be your primary factor in your decision-making of what company you should choose to work on your roof. Often, the lower the price, the lower the quality of work provided. Do your own research to determine if your estimate is a fair quote for the project at hand, but do not choose the lowest cost estimate only because it is the cheapest option.

Check Their Scheduling

When getting an estimate from a roofing contractor, you should also ask about when they will be able to fit in your repair or replacement. Will you have to wait for weeks to be fit in or will they be able to jump in immediately? What happens if there is bad weather during the time you are supposed to have your roof repaired or scheduled? It's important to have an understanding of their schedule ahead of time to see where you will fit in.

Get Everything In Writing

When you are getting your estimate, you should receive a written estimate. This is a level of binding to ensure you can properly plan financially for the costs. You can also make sure that the roofing contractor is not hiding any costs that they are expecting you to pay. Your estimate should include the cost of materials, the cost of labor, a breakdown of each of these costs, the payment structure agreement, and any additional costs.

See What Their Payment Structure Is

If a roofing contractor is asking for payment in full before any work has been done on your roof, that is a bit concerning. Reputable roofing companies will not ask for full payment upfront, and this is not a standard practice in this industry for trustworthy contractors. Typically, a roofing company will ask for an initial down payment to ensure that you will pay the rest once the work is complete. It's extremely important to ask about the pay structure prior to signing any contracts.

Also, if your repair or replacement is costly, ask if the roofing company offers financing. This can provide ease on your side by being able to pay over time for the repair or replacement. A roofing company offering financing can also show you that they are financially stable. If a lender is willing to work with a roofing company, that shows they are trustworthy and responsible.

Check References

Before having a roofing contractor get started on your roof, you should make sure that they can and have provided quality work in the past. Any reputable roofing contractor will be happy to show you their reviews, testimonials, and references of their work. You can also ask for references of past customers to connect with to learn more about how their experience working with the roofing contractor went. A few questions to ask include if the repair project stayed within budget, how their communication was, and if they were satisfied with the results.

This is also an opportunity to check their online reviews. To start, you can check the Better Business Bureau website to see if they are an accredited business, and see what reviews have been left for them. You can also view Google reviews left by previous customers.

Ask About What Happens If There Is An Unplanned Repair Needed

Understandably, unforeseen repairs and emergencies happen. When a roofing contractor is working on your roof, they may find another area that needs to be addressed and repaired in addition to what they were originally fixing. It is important to ask ahead of time what the protocols are for this type of situation. A qualified roofing company will have a plan in place if they find a surprise fix during their work process.

Find Out If They Have Certifications From Manufacturers

Roofing manufacturers will work with high-quality roofing companies to provide them with certifications or the status of being a preferred contractor. These contractors have shown the manufacturers that they can provide quality service and results, which would represent their products well. Finding a roofing contractor that has certifications or statuses as a preferred contract shows you can trust them and their work.

Roof It Forward is a Preferred Owens Corning Roofing Contractor, and even won Owens Corning's 2022 Product Excellence Award!

Ask What Happens If You Are Unhappy With Their Work

There is always the opportunity for something to go wrong during the repair or replacement process. If something happens that you are unhappy about, what is the best way to handle it? Do you speak to the project manager? Do you need to speak to the customer service representative? Is there a grace period where you are able to get a refund or work redone?

Many reputable roofing contractors will have warranties on their work or support warranties on the materials they use. If a contractor takes pride in their work, they will be more than willing to stand by it. While discussing estimates, one of your top questions should be about their warranty information.

ARAC Roof It Forward stands by the workmanship and materials we use to repair or replace your roof. Learn more about our warranty offerings.

Be sure to ask these questions ahead of time and get the answers in writing so you know what to do in case you find yourself in the situation of not being satisfied with the work done on your roof.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

When choosing what company will work on your roof, which is the first line of defense for your home, you need to be thorough with vetting. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you feel are necessary to make sure you know who will be working on your roof and what to expect. Use these ten essential questions to ask when hiring a roofing contractor.

If you are in need of a roof repair or considering getting your roof replaced, schedule a free video roofing inspection with ARAC Roof It Forward! Our video inspection allows us to show you photos and videos of any problem areas on your roof that need to be addressed and repaired. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the repair or replacement process. The Roof It Forward team prides itself on being helpful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy to our customers while providing high-quality roofing solutions. Schedule your free inspection with us today to get started.


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