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Roof It Forward - Four Kinds Of Damage Your Roof Could Have Received From Recent Inclement Weather

January 25, 2023

While you may enjoy the colder weather or the winter wonderland, there are also winter storms that can cause extreme damage to your roof. Your home's first line of defense against inclement weather is your roof, leaving it to take the brunt of the storms. Unfortunately, this harsh winter weather can end up causing damage to your roof. Continue reading to learn 4 kinds of damage your roof could have from recent inclement weather.

1. Wind Damage

Heavy winds can accompany winter storms and cause damage to your roof in several ways. The winds could lift up shingles and cause them to crack or bubble. If shingles have been lifted away or cracked, they are now not properly protecting your roof from rain and snow. Once your roof is vulnerable to precipitation, you need to have your shingles replaced and potentially your other roofing materials replaced due to water damage.

2. Ice Damage

When snow and ice melt on the higher part of your roof and the lower sections of your roof stays frozen, the melted snow will slide down your roof and refreeze on the lower section, causing an ice dam to form. Once the ice dam is created, any other melted snow or ice will be stopped by the ice dam, making it sit on your roof. Your roof is not made to hold water on top of it for prolonged periods of time, so your roofing materials may break down over time and lead to water leaks.

3. Water Damage

After snow and ice land on your roof and the sun comes out, it'll start to melt. Just like with rain, the snow melting can lead to water damage with the water running down chimneys, on the roofline, and across your shingles. If you have any small holes or damaged shingles, leaks can happen even quicker than normal. These leaks can lead to mold, mildew, and rot, which can lead to expensive repairs.

4. Heavy Snow Loads

In heavy snow storms, the snow won't have the opportunity to melt and fall off. If it's a large amount of snow piling on in a short amount of time, your roof may not be able to withstand the weight and buckle. Depending on the amount of weight, there could be a partial or full collapse of your roof.

After experiencing the winter weather, you may need a new roof this new year. Learn the signs to look out for to see if you need a new roof this new year.

Once the inclement weather passes, have a qualified roofing contractor take a look to evaluate for storm damage. ARAC Roof It Forward offers a free video roof inspection so we can show you videos and photos of the damage on your roof from the safety of the ground. As we show you the videos and pictures we will recommend repairs and go over the associated costs. Schedule your free video inspection today!


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