Copenhagen looks at green roofs as it prepares for a changing climate

Roofing shingles remain top choice for home-building projects

October 08, 2013


Slate, copper or metal roofs are dramatic and sustainable, but asphalt or fiberglass shingles still seem to be what architect Lee Calisti calls the “go-to” materials in home building.

There are many practical reasons for the popularity of shingles — from cost to the availability of contractors who can do the job.

Shingle makers also have managed to keep the popularity alive by coming out with colors and styles that can give roofs new looks.

Sue Burkett, marketing leader for Ohio-based Owens Corning roofing and asphalt, says the company makes some colors aimed at popularity in certain regions, such as a terra cotta-like tone for Florida.


Type of roofing material affects ventilation needs