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Shiny New Roof Thanks to John!

May 01, 2014


Good morning!

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I have a gorgeous, shiny new roof thanks to your BEST employee ever!

John Immke coming into my life changed it and took a HUGE weight off of my shoulders (my leaky roof).

I came home a few weeks ago at lunch time to meet my fridge repairman when the doorbell rang.

In a nutshell, John thought I needed a new roof and wanted to take a look at it.  I flat out said NO because I was short on time…and have had 2 previous bad experiences with roofing companies. 

He was persistent in a nice way, so I let him look at the roof.  End of story.  We made the call together to my insurance company…and the rest is history.

I have told my story to everyone I meet.  Here’s what differentiates John from the 2 roofing companies I have dealt with:

*        Offered to hold my hand through the process!

*        Called the insurance company with me right on the spot

*        Guided me every step of the way on what to expect, how it works…all the way down to receiving the check from the insurance company

*        Friendly and nice

*        Cares about his job and his customers – you can see that the minute you talk with him – he’s passionate

*        He knows his roofs!  He drew a sketch of what was going on with my roof – and explained it to me

*        Met with the insurance adjuster (wasn’t a no-show like a previous roofing company I dealt with)

John turned my scary nightmare into something fun and positive.

I am so glad he was in my neighborhood the day I came home for a leaky icemaker J.


Thank you!  Have a great day!


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