A Big Year for Hail Drives Up Insurance Premiums

Texas Roofing Companies Scramble to Meet Insurance Deadlines

March 17, 2014

Amarillo, TX - Many roofing companies around Amarillo are still trying to fix all the damage caused by the damaging hail storm last May. If you filed an insurance claim after last year's hail storm it may require you to have the work completed within a year, but that could be a problem.
Ten months after the hail storm in Amarillo many roofers are still trying to repair all the damage left behind. "The City of Amarillo has said that approximately, their estimation, one half of the roofs in Amarillo have been replaced since last year in May," said Jim Roberts who is the President of West Texas Roofing Company. "Approximately 38 to 40,000 roofs that need to be replaced in the City of Amarillo, that kind of stretches anybody's workforce, including ours and all the other well known, well branded companies around Amarillo." But this back-log in repairs could harm homeowners because many claims require the work to be completed within a year. "Most of these are insurance claims and almost all insurance policies have time limits, limitations you have to abide by and correlate with in order to benefit the best from your outcome of the claim," explained Roberts.
A local insurance agent we spoke with tells us while you do have three years to file a claim from the time of the storm, once you file, you have one year to have the work completed. "If they have damages on their houses or roof because of the hail storm back in May just not to let time go because it does take awhile for it to get fixed and for companies to pay for those damages, so if they did have damage to let their companies know and their agent, let us know there is damage," said Selene Gonzalez who is an Agent at Amarillo's Insurance Agency. Once you contact your insurance agent they can help you file an extension if needed.


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