Gilmer County Jail Roof Replacement Project

ARAC Roof It Forward had the honor of replacing the roof on the Gilmer County Jail. This was one of the trickiest jobs ARAC has ever done. Furthermore, the ARAC team and the Gilmer County Jail administration were very pleased with the results from the work. There's no job too big or small for our team!

Showing the amazing Standing Seam Seal brown roof installed.
Arac fixed the valley so that it will have the same protection as the rest of the roof with the standing seam seal brown roof.
A great pictures showing how the ridges come in on this standing seam seal brown roof system.
A before picture looking at the problem with the valley.
A before pictures showing how much the roof changed once the Standing Seam Seal Brown roof was installed.
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Finished Standing Seam Roof
Valley of Roof
Sealed Ridges by Roofing Professionals
Take About A Damaged Roof
Older Roofs Cause Issues