New Roof Installation in Fishers, Indiana

This home received a roofing makeover by the Roof It Forward team. The old shingles had a three-tab design. The Roof It Forward team replaced them with dimensional shingles by Owens Corning.

These are Owens Corning Duration Shingles. This amazing product is warranted for 130 mph wind gusts. The shingles also have amazing shadow lines and a dimensional appearance.
The Duration shingle has built-in SureNail Technology strips that allow for a triple bond nailing area, ensuring a 130 mph wind projection.
This roofing system replacement included removing all the old shingles, inspecting the decking, adding new felt paper, drip edges, and gutter aprons. It also included installing ice and water shield protection before layering on the shingles.
The curb appeal of this home is instant with the new Owens Corning Duration roofing system.
Roof Replacement Indianapolis
a house with Duration shingles
the front of a customer's house
the back of a customer's house
a Roof It Forward truck parked in front of a house