What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

Many people ask us, what does hail damage look like? I can tell you that there's a whole lot of roofing companies out there that really don't have a clue. They're going to tell you that any and every blemish on your roof is hail damage. In this gallery we'll show you what hail damage looks like from actual customers in and around your community.

Hail doesn't only damage the roof! When the HVAC fins are dented in from hail, the unit isn't breathing property and isn't running as efficiently as it could be. Severe cases of dented vent fins could burn up the motor. If so, you likely have hail damage to the roof as well! Check out your outside HVAC unit and see if the fins are dented in. This HVAC unit in Marietta, GA was a sure sign that the hail was significant at this home.
This is a metal turtle back vent on a roof in Marietta, GA. If the hail did this to metal, imagine what it did to the shingles!
Look at these downspout dents from hail in Marietta, GA. When you see dented downspouts or gutters, the roof will likely be damaged as well.
This roof in Marietta, GA really took a beating from the hail. Hailstones will crush the granules on the shingles down into the fiberglass and asphalt mat of the shingles, and they will knock other granules off of the impact area altogether. This compromises the water-shedding capability of the shingle and will become a leak point if not addressed!
Here are two hail impacts on a three-tab roof in Marietta, GA. This is what people pay all of that money to their insurance company for all those years! When you have damage like this, it's your chance to get some of that money you've paid into the insurance company all these years put back into your home!
You can bet when your vinyl siding has holes in it from hail, your roof is ruined! This house in Fayetteville, GA really took a beating!
This gutter in Fayetteville, GA had unbelievable hail hits on it!
This roof in Fayetteville, GA was only three years old when this hail storm came through and destroyed it!
Many people think hail doesn't damage architectural roofs. This three-year-old architectural shingle in Fayetteville, GA begs to differ!
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