ARAC Roof It Forward Announces 2018 Q2 Camp Sunshine Donation

ARAC Roof It Forward Announces 2018 Q1 Donation to Camp Sunshine

April 06, 2018


ARAC Roof It Forward just announced its first quarter 2018 donation to Camp Sunshine. The camp is a non-profit organization that enables kids with cancer to attend summer camp just like other kids. The Q1 donation amount totaled $14,437.50! 

“The Roof It Forward initiative is at the heart of our business model”, stated ARAC Roof It Forward President John Phillips. “We give a portion of every dollar we earn to fund children’s charities in the communities where we operate. Our partnership with Camp Sunshine enables us to help the most vulnerable children in our local areas and allows them to have a safe and healthy week at camp”.  

A week at Camp Sunshine is also a huge value to parents with sick children. They are able to send their kids to camp knowing the camp includes doctors, nurses, and specialists who will be present around the clock. The camp staff is trained to meet their son or daughter’s special medical needs.

Roof It Forward’s commitment isn’t limited to just a quarterly monetary contribution.  The company culture is one of volunteering. Everyone is encouraged to take time out of their work schedule and help at the numerous Camp Sunshine opportunities throughout the year. Anything from helping clean at Camp Sunshine to loading and unloading buses and luggage when the kids leave and return from their week of summer camp. We consider it a privilege to serve.

When you choose us, you are not just choosing a roofing company. You are partnering with us in supporting our community. “Together we can Roof It Forward!”





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