Roof It Forward Named Best Roofer of 2016

ARAC Roof It Forward Donates Roof to Elderly Couple for Christmas

December 15, 2016

ARAC Roof It Forward, based in Kennesaw Georgia, has long been known for its community involvement, as well as charitable donations, towards children’s cancer and research through the Roof It Forward program.  They take great pride in their mission statement which encourages to honor God through giving.

“Our main focus has always been children in need but sometimes a person comes along who tugs at our heartstrings and we know we have to reach out and help. This is one of those cases”, said John Phillips, President of Roof It Forward.

The homeowner’s daughter contacted us.  Her disabled mother gave all her money to a “family friend” who told her that the roof was repaired and then disappeared with her money.  When manager Casey Beaver arrived at the house to look at the roof, there were huge gaping holes and the leaks were so severe that no amount of patching or repairs would help.  Much of the drywall in the house has been ruined by water damage.  The homeowner, Mrs. Johnson, was very worried about how they were going to afford a new roof after already using their savings to pay for the repairs that were never completed.

When Casey got back to the office, he spoke with our upper management and they were in full agreement.   The team at ARAC Roof it Forward had to help!  Our company has been blessed beyond measure and we are honored to give back to the communities we serve.

Not only is Roof It Forward donating their time and effort to build Mr. and Mrs. Johnson a new roof, but ABC Supply and Owens Corning are also donating the materials. 

Together we can Roof It Forward!

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