Snow sliding off roof creates unique display

Warmer Weather Causes Leaking Roofs

March 16, 2015

Springtime thaw and warming can allow property owners to find damaging roof leaks if they regularly inspect the insides of their homes for moisture. If any problems are found, a professional should be contacted for repairs.

VESTAL, N.Y. -- With the warmer weather coming through the region it is important for home owners to be aware of the possibility of a leaking roof. "It's the spring thaw right now and a lot of roofs that wouldn't normally leak are leaking because ice and snow will get behind flashings and things of that nature that normal rain water wouldn't do," said Gold Standard Roofing owner Douglas Beckmann. And according to roofing experts, some water in your home might be the least of your worries. "It can cause some pretty extensive damage you're talking about wood rot, black mold, things of that nature that could even cause health effects," Beckmann added.

In some cases, leaks left untreated could be very dangerous. "If it goes for years and years, it can be a catastrophic failure such as a ceiling collapse," said Beckmann. Roofing experts said it's important that residents frequently inspect their homes, especially during this time of year. "Just like spring cleaning. I would inspect just about everywhere. Even inside closets, things like that where you normally wouldn't look," said Beckmann. About once a month residents should examine their homes with a flashlight, according to Beckmann."Because a lot of times you might not see it unless you put a little bit of light on there," he said.

What's a sign that you might have a problem? "Anytime you see either water dripping into your home or you see anything that looks unusual such as cracks, pealing paint or paint that looks as if it's running because a lot of times even if it's not leaking into your living space, it can be running in between your walls or even on the outside in your siding," said Beckmann. And it's not just your roof you should be worried about. "Windows, siding, roofing, I've seen it come in through decks, doorways," said Beckmann. But he said as long as you do your due diligence and call a professional if you see something strange, you can ensure nothing slips through the cracks. He recommends if you have a leak fixed, you should wait a few weeks or rainstorms before repairing the inside of your home. That will ensure the leak is gone and prevent having to repair your home twice.


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