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Georgia Chamber of Commerce Support of HB 301

February 26, 2014

The Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Georgia (RSMCA) announced that the Georgia Chamber of Commerce pledged their full support of HB 301 at a meeting today at the state Capitol.  House Bill 301 would create licensing requirements for roofing contractors intended to protect Georgia homeowners and businesses from unscrupulous roofers.


“We thank the Georgia Chamber of Commerce for this opportunity to present this bill and explain how very important it is to Georgia businesses and consumers and the roofing industry.” said George Jones, President of RSMCA.  “Georgia is unique in being the only state in the southeast with no system to license or regulate one of the basic construction trades, the roofing contracting industry.” HB 301 passed in a February 18th subcommittee hearing in House Regulated Industries and RSMCA is urging the Regulated Industries Committee to again pass the Bill it recommended in 2013 in time to afford appropriate steps to bring this important legislation before the Georgia House of Representatives.

The Georgia Better Business Bureau receives more complaints about roofing work than virtually any other construction trade. The problems caused by improper, defective or negligent roofing work can extend to other building trades, contractors, their employees, and even the general public.  Failure to enact licensing and regulation of roofing contractors will allow the harm to continue unabated. The time has come to give Georgia consumers the same protections they have against other licensed specialty trades. Over the years, the threats to Georgia homeowners and businesses have caused the General Assembly to regulate the majority of the building trades in which failure to perform can result in disaster.

Today, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, utility, and low-voltage electrical contractors are regulated as specialty trades, in addition to general and residential contractors. Like most of these other trades, roofing contracting when performed improperly or fraudulently has the potential to endanger lives and property. Licensing of roofing contractors under HB 301 would fit directly into the current system by adding a Roofing Division to the five specialty trades presently regulated by separate divisions within the State Construction Industry Licensing Board.

RSMCA of Georgia is a non-profit trade organization representing many of the oldest and finest contractors and companies in the Georgia roofing industry.  Dedicated to building professionalism and protecting consumers, RSMCA's members represent the entire roofing industry chain, including contractors, suppliers, material and equipment manufacturers and service providers.  An affiliate member of the National Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (NRCA), RSMCA of Georgia promotes the development of the roofing industry and enhances the public's understanding of the industry's contributions to home and building owners, developers and property managers. For more information about RSMCA, visit or call 1-770-675-7650. Georgia Chamber of Commerce Support of HB 301 - Image 1


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