Roof It Forward - 4 Reasons To Not Clean Your Roof Without A Professional

Roof It Forward - 4 Reasons To Not Clean Your Roof Without A Professional

January 12, 2023

Yes, it can be easier to handle home maintenance yourself, but there are certain tasks that you should leave to professionals. Even the most diligent of DIY-ers should refrain from cleaning their own roofs. Handling roof cleaning yourself can lead to a multitude of additional roof issues. Continue reading for 4 reasons you shouldn't clean your own roof without a professional.

  1. Safety

Any time you get on your roof, it is an extremely dangerous situation. Falls from roofs and ladders can result in severe injuries and even be fatal. Without the proper experience, equipment, and training, one wrong step could lead to a dangerous outcome. Instead of putting your own safety at risk, enlist the help of a professional who knows the right steps and precautions to take to ensure their safety.

  1. You May Accidentally Damage Your Roof

Without the proper experience in cleaning roofs, you may not be sure what steps you need to take to prevent causing any damage. A pressure washer can be one of the best ways to clean a roof, but any misuse can easily lead to damage and decrease your roof's lifespan. If the pressure is too high, it could damage the gutters, remove granules on asphalt shingles, and loosen shingles.

  1. Cost

While many DIY tasks are more cost-effective than hiring professionals, roof cleaning is quite the contrary. To clean your roof, you will have to purchase or rent the tools and supplies and dedicate your time when you could be doing something else. Even with the best materials and hours of time spent, your roof may not be properly cleaned. By hiring a reputable and trustworthy professional, you can make sure your roof is properly cleaned, keep yourself safe, and potentially have any problem areas identified before there is extensive damage to your roof.

  1. You May Miss Other Issues

If you go up on your roof yourself, you may not spot any problem areas or areas of concern with an untrained eye. Having professionals come out to clean your roof gives you the opportunity to have any areas of concern brought to light before the damage gets any worse. Another point is a trained technician could see a weak spot on your roof and know to deliberately stay away from stepping on it. As someone without training, you may not be able to see the soft spot and could get injured if you step on the weak spot.

Your gutters are also an integral piece of your roofing system. Learn more about cleaning and maintaining your gutters to keep your entire roof system in good condition.

To make sure your roof is in good condition, schedule a free video roofing inspection with ARAC Roof It Forward! A free video roof inspection will allow our team to diagnose potential problems that are going on with your roof. After the examination, we will show you any concerning areas of your roof, review your repair options, and provide a cost estimate. Schedule your free video inspection with Roof It Forward today.


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