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Roof It Forward - How do I get my home ready for a roof replacement?

May 24, 2022

A new roof can be very exciting; your home will look and function better than before! However, you do need to prepare for your roof to be replaced. The Roof It Forward team aims to make roof replacement a stress-free process, but there are a few preparation steps you can take to make the roof replacement as seamless as possible.

1. Move Your Vehicles

If you do not park your cars in a garage or a carport, you should move your cars to give the roofers adequate space for tools, shingles, debris, etc. Also, moving your vehicles away from the main working site will prevent any damage from happening to your car.

2. Protect Your Items In The Attic

Your attic may serve as a storage area for your home. When your roof is being replaced, roofers will be walking on your roof, hammering, removing materials, and more, potentially causing debris and dust to fall into your attic. Cover your belongings in the attic to protect them and move any fragile or valuable items so they remain safe.

3. Remove Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Any antennas and satellite dishes that have been installed on your roof need to be removed before your roof is replaced. Do not attempt to do this yourself. Instead, call your service provider to remove and reinstall either of these devices.

4. Remove Wall Decor

Any wall decor and light fixtures that are not permanently secured to the walls or ceiling should be removed as a precaution. During a roof replacement, the vibrations from hammers and other power tools can travel through your walls and ceiling, knocking off any unsecured items. To prevent any of these items from breaking, you should remove them before the roof replacement starts.

5. Trim Your Trees And Cut Your Grass

If there are any tree branches that are hanging near your roof, you will need to have those trimmed or removed. You should also cut your grass one day before your roof replacement begins to prevent fallen debris from being hard to spot during the clean-up process.

6. Identify Accessible Outlets

Your roofing contractors will need access to power outlets to use their power tools. If you do not have exterior power outlets, check for power outlets in the garage. If there aren't any in the garage, you will have to identify power outlets inside that could be used. Choose an outlet that has little foot traffic to prevent any tripping hazard from extension cords running out windows or doors to make the power accessible from the outside.

7. Notify Your Neighbors

Let your neighbors know that you will be having your roof replaced so they can be prepared for the construction noise, extra vehicles on the street, and people walking around your property.

If you're in need of a new roof or just want to make sure your roof is still in good condition, ARAC Roof It Forward is here to help. With a free video inspection, our team will be able to examine your roof for any problem areas and propose necessary repairs to you with video footage so you can see the condition of your roof for yourself. Schedule your free video inspection today to get started!


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