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The Role Of Roofing Contractors During Insurance Claims

May 12, 2022

It's completely normal to be frazzled and stressed out after experiencing storm damage to your roof. Your first instinct may be to call your insurance company but your first call should be to a local roof professional to validate the damage. Having a roofing contractor by your side through an insurance claim can make a major difference in the outcome. Continue reading to learn the role of roofing contractors during insurance claims.

  1. Check For Damage

If you recently experienced high winds and or hail during an intense storm in your area and aren't sure if your roof experienced damage, a roofing contractor will be able to safely get up on your roof to check for any damage that may not be visible from the ground. A small leak could lead to rotten roofing material, mold growth, and water damage throughout your home. It's best to catch a problem early before it becomes a massive repair.

  1. Document Any Damage

ARAC Roof It Forward completes free video inspections to document the damage. This way, we have a record of it and can show you the condition of your roof. Basically, we bring the roof down to you.

  1. Handle Insurance Claims

When you file an insurance claim for storm damage, your insurance company might sometimes ask for extensive amounts of proof and documentation. With a roofing contractor on your side, they will be able to provide professionally certified reports.

  1. Meet With The Insurance Adjuster

To verify your claim, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to view the storm damage. By having a roofing contractor there with your insurance adjuster, they can represent you, prove the damage, explain the necessary repairs, and discuss the costs associated with the repairs.

  1. Negotiating Your Insurance Settlement

After meeting with the adjuster, your roofing company negotiates your settlement to make sure that the scope of repair and the budget will bring your roof back up to code. The goal of settlement negotiation is to have your only out-of-pocket costs be your deductible and any chosen additions or upgrades. Once the insurance settlement is negotiated, the roofing contractor can begin working on repairs.

  1. Get Started On Repairs

While the settlement is being taken care of, you will pick out your products and colors for the repairs. The repair will then be scheduled at your convenience to ensure you are included throughout the repair process.

  1. Finalize The Insurance Claim

Once repairs are complete, the roofing company will submit all the paperwork necessary to your insurance and mortgage companies to release the funds for payment.

Insurance claims can be scary to handle alone. Having a trusted roofing company on your side throughout the process allows you to focus on keeping you and your family safe.

ARAC Roof It Forward is here to guide you through every step of the way and navigate the insurance claim process so you don't have to. We will be here from start to finish to make sure your roof gets the repairs it needs. Schedule your free video inspection today.


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