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Roof It Forward - How Left Over Holiday Decorations Can Hurt Your Roof

March 30, 2023

While holiday decorations are beautiful to look at and a bit of a pain to take down after the holiday season, the potential damage to your roof is reason enough to take the decorations down in a timely manner. Continue reading to learn how leftover holiday decorations can hurt your roof.

Too Much Weight

Your roof is not meant to handle the extra weight on top of it. If you leave up lights and other decorations on your gutters and shingles for a long period of time, your roof will not be able to withstand the additional pressure. Lights on the gutters can eventually pull down your gutters from your roof. Decorations on top of the shingles can lead to structural damage and harm the integrity of your roof. Over time, a hole could be created, which could then lead to other damage.

Holes Can Lead To Damage

If you put up lights and other decorations without proper fasteners but instead use nails, you have created holes in your gutters, shingles, or other roofing materials. These holes open the gateway to moisture entering your roof. This moisture can lead to leaks, mold, or mildew. Over time, this water damage will harm the integrity of your home and the health of your family.

Fire Hazard

If you keep your lights up for a substantial amount of time and your circuits overload, the bulbs could blow and cause your roof to catch on fire. House fires are extremely dangerous so to keep yourself and your family safe, prevent fire hazards by removing your electrically powered lights quickly after the holidays.

Rips & Tears

Inflatables are fun holiday decorations to spread holiday joy. Often, they are placed on the ground but they can be used on the roof. However, inflatables need to be tied and pinned down. If there are strong winds, the inflatables can be blown away. When the wind picks up the inflatable, shingles can easily rip and tear. This then leaves your roof susceptible to additional damage.

Leftover holiday decorations might bring a bit of cheer when you arrive home, but can also lead to damage to your roof and home. If you see any problem areas while taking down your holiday decorations, it's time to call a roofing professional. Our team at Roof It Forward can perform a free video inspection to analyze your roof, show you proof of any concerning spots and explain any necessary repairs. Schedule your free roofing inspection today.


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