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There's a leak in my bathroom. Why?

July 05, 2022

As soon as you find a leak in your bathroom ceiling, it's time to call in reinforcements. The longer you wait to get your leak issue resolved, the worse the leak will get, and the more costly your repair will be. But what are the possible causes of ceiling leaks in bathrooms? Continue reading to learn the most common causes of bathroom ceiling leaks.

Water Dripping From Bathroom Fan

Your bathroom vent might be leaking water when it rains outside. Be sure to check the bathroom vent's protective cover to make sure it is working properly. If you can't immediately get a professional to take a look, turn off the breaker to the vent until the issue is solved. This will prevent a ceiling fan fire and place a bucket underneath to prevent additional water damage. Also, do not touch the fan if it is wet since the combination of electricity and water can electrocute you.

Leaks From A Skylight

If you have a leak coming from the skylight in your bathroom, the culprit is probably the installer not following the proper directions for installation. Normally just one piece or component of the skylight is liable for the leak. To repair, a watertight seal needs to be installed around the skylight. To do this, a roofer will need to take the cladding and flashing kit off, install an ice and water shield, then put the flashing kit back in place.

Pipe Boot Failure

The most common types of leaks are pipe boot fails. A boot is a type of roof flashing that is installed around the base of pipes that come out of your roof. The goal of the boot is to prevent water from going through the gaps in between the pipe and the rest of the roofing material. There are several different types of boots, including lead, plastic, rubber, and more. However, neoprene boots are more likely to fail due to UV rays from the sun breaking down the neoprene, causing it to crack. Once the boot cracks, rainwater will run down into the room where the pipe comes to your roof. Bathrooms are one of the most common places to have these types of roof pipes for proper ventilation.

Leaks in your home can be very stressful. To have your leaks resolved, you'll want to have a reputable and trustworthy roofing contractor on your side. ARAC Roof It Forward has been providing high-quality roofing solutions to the Metro Atlanta area since 2005. We aim to provide top-tier service to our customers to keep you and your family safe in your home. Schedule your free video inspection today!


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