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What kind of issues can occur in my home due to an improperly installed gutter apron?

July 05, 2022

First things first, what is your gutter apron? A gutter apron in many states is now a code item. It is similar to drip edge but is shaped like an L to ensure rainwater flows directly from the roof into the gutter. Gutter aprons also prevent water damage by covering the bottom portion at the edge of your roof. Continue reading to learn what type of issues can occur if your gutter apron isn't installed properly.

Water Damage

A gutter apron is designed to direct water into your gutters to prevent water damage from sitting water on your roof. However, if the gutter apron is not installed correctly, it cannot properly direct the water into the gutters and away from your roofing material. Over time, rainwater can pool on your roof, leading to water leaks in your roof, attic, and home. A correctly installed gutter apron is especially helpful during rain storms to direct all of the rainwater down your gutters and rain spouts.

Wood Rot

Mold, mildew, and rot thrive in warm and moist conditions. One of the main roles of a gutter apron is to prevent wooden roofing materials from rotting due to water penetration. If a gutter apron is improperly installed, it's not able to protect the roof decking from water, leading to rotten wood roofing materials.


A gutter apron is designed to cover the gaps in the attic design to keep out insects and small animals. If the gutter apron is not installed properly, there will be open gaps that pests can enter, leading to an infestation in your attic and home.

Lack Of Security

When installing a gutter apron, it is supposed to secure your roof deck and fascia so water can't penetrate through any gaps. However, if the gutter apron is not installed properly, it cannot secure these roofing materials, especially with high wind storms.

Additional Maintenance

A gutter apron is meant to prevent water penetration and decrease the amount of necessary maintenance since you can prevent the collection of rainwater. With a poorly installed gutter apron, you will need additional maintenance to make sure water is not pooling on your roof, leading to additional repairs.

Gutters can be commonly overlooked but are one of the most important pieces of your entire roofing system. Without working gutters, your roof and home are at risk of damage. ARAC Roof It Forward specializes in both roofing and gutter installation & repair. If you spot a point of concern in your gutters, our team is more than happy to perform a free inspection to diagnose any issues and provide an estimated repair cost. Schedule your free inspection with ARAC Roof It Forward today.


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