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What to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Company

April 05, 2022

What To Consider When Choosing a Roofing Company

Needing a roof repair or replacement is scary enough. Having to choose a great roofing contractor for the job can be even more stressful. When you are trusting your roof and home with a company, you want to make sure that they'll do a great job.

Most people choose their roofing contractors based on their estimates but you need to consider that you will get the quality that you pay for. When you're dealing with your roof, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Your best course of action when looking for a roofing contractor is to start by asking your neighbors, friends, and family for any recommendations. Make sure your roofing contractor is licensed in your state and well-reviewed before moving any further.

If you're looking for guidance and tips on how to choose a roofing company, keep reading!

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  1. Length Of Time In Business

To make sure your roofing contractor is experienced, you should check the length of time they've been in business. You can check this by their establishment date and their reviews to make sure they have successfully completed jobs and have a great reputation.

ARAC Roof It Forward has been in business since 2005 and has many years of experience completing high-quality roofing repairs and replacements for residential and commercial properties.

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  1. Licensing and Insurance

Roofing contractors need to meet certain criteria and standards in their municipality and state to meet qualifications. All reputable roofing contractors are licensed in your area and state, have insurance for liability and workers' compensation, and are bonded, when applicable for commercial jobs. Bonded means that a bonding company has funds set aside for customers in case the customer files a claim against them. You can also check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Established roofing contractors will have the right tools, materials, safety equipment, permits, and insurance to complete their jobs. Before locking in a contract with a roofing company, be sure they can provide proof of insurance in the event something happens.

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  1. Roofing Certifications, Partnerships, and Warranties

Different contractors offer different manufacturers' shingles. Typically, this is known as being a preferred partner and an authorized installer for the shingle manufacturer. This allows the manufacturer to honor their warranties since the manufacturer will not honor warranties on installations done by non-authorized companies. You also want to be sure that the roofing company has warranties for their workmanship and can provide proof of that warranty in writing. Roof It Forward is a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning. A distinction held by only 1% of all roofing companies. This allows them to offer extended warranties through Owens Corning that the other 99% can't.

  1. Reviews, Testimonials, and Examples of Past Work

Reputation is everything for service-based companies. Online reviews depict the unbiased experience of former and current customers of the business. Before moving forward with a roofing contractor, be sure to look at the online reviews from Angi, Better Business Bureau, the company's Google My Business Page, and Nextdoor. You can also check the company's website for examples of past work so you can ensure that they provide a high-quality roofing repair or replacement.

  1. Financing and Written Estimates

If you are financing with your roofing company, you want to make sure you understand all of the terms. Ask them to review the financing terms with you so you clearly understand what you are signing up for. Roof It Forward offers financing through several vendors including Wells Fargo.

When receiving an estimate from a roofing company, you should request a complete breakdown of all the components being installed. Factors to consider are shingle manufacturer, type (3-tab or architectural), product line, underlayment (felt paper or synthetic), ventilation system (ridge vents or not), state required code items such as ice and water shield, drip edge and gutter apron, and the cost of installing new decking in case the roofer discovers that areas need to be repaired or replaced once the existing shingles are removed. Roof It Forward installs the Total Protection Roofing System by Owens Corning. Having a broken-down estimate shows that the roofing company is honest and transparent with its customers.

  1. How Unforeseen Circumstances are Handled

With any type of job, unforeseen events can happen all the time. With roofing, some probable events that could happen are bad weather and damage to gutters, landscaping, or other finishings. When hiring a roofing company, be sure to ask how they handle bad weather when you're in the middle of a roof replacement or repairs and who is responsible for any damage that might be caused during the repair or replacement.

  1. Whether or Not You Like the Company

Roofing repair and replacement is an important task to keep your home safe. You want to be sure that you have a good feeling about the contractors who will be performing the repair. Many people choose to get multiple estimates from different companies to understand the pricing of the repair and also get a chance to meet several contractors.

ARAC Roof It Forward aims to honor God through giving. We aim to provide high-quality roofing services to local homeowners and help our community. Roof It Forward is blessed enough to promote wonderful causes through our program to give back to our community.

  1. Old Roof & Shingle Removal

If you're getting a roof replacement, be sure to confirm with your contractor that they will take away all of the old material and clean up after their job is complete. Are they using a roll-off container or a dump trailer? Roof It Forward uses dump trailers because it enables us to haul away old material the same day as the roof installation and reduces the risk of damaging a driveway. Also, ask if there is an extra charge for the removal and clean-up before moving forward to make sure if you are going to be responsible for an additional expense.

If the contractor says they will just install a new roof over the old roof, this is a major red flag. The best practice in roofing is to remove the old roof to prevent additional weight on the roof and to be able to see if there are any underlying issues, such as leaks or damage.

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With Roof It Forward you can always expect top-notch work, kind contractors, and a clean workplace. We have completed thousands of roof repairs and replacements with happy customers. If you're looking for a reputable and trustworthy roofing company, Roof It Forward is the contractor for you!

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