Expert Roofers in Noblesville, Indiana

This home's roof was tired of the old three-tab design. Look at what it chose to wear. The 130 mph wind rated Owens Corning Duration Shingles with SureNail Technology.

The Duration shingles not only have an amazing appearance, but with their SureNail Technology strips, they carry a warranty of up to 130 mph wind gusts.
This home is now the jewel of the block with the new roofing system by ARAC Roof It Forward.
We feel even a pipe flashing wants to be somebody. Detail is taken to carefully and professionally install every roofing item with care.
The old three-tab design was aging, and the strong winds had taken its toll on the singles.
The new shingles have a striking appearance, and they provide peace of mind even in the strong Indiana winds.
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