Roof Replacement in Beech Grove, Indiana

This roofing system replacement uses Owens Corning Duration Shingles. These shingles carry a 130 mph wind rating. The color of this shingle is Pacific Wave. Call today for a free estimate in your town!

The Duration shingles not only have 130 mph wind protection, but they also have a striking dimensional shake shingle appearance.
With built-in SureNail Technology strips, Duration shingles are warranted for wind gusts up to 130 mph.
The roof is stripped down to the decking, and the decking is then re-nailed where needed. New felt, drip edges, accessories, and designer ridge caps equals a complete roofing system.
The roof decking has been inspected, and the felt paper and gutter apron trims have been installed. Time to shingle.
This new roofing system in Beech Grove makes this home the jewel on the block.
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Owens Corning Duration Shingles
people working on a customer's roof
people working on a customer's roof
the front of a customer's house
the back of a customer's house