Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana

This stunning two-story home received a Roof It Forward roofing system makeover. The new shingles are the Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the Colonial Slate color. This one-day project made the home the jewel of the block.

Roof It Forward installed the dimensional Duration shingle in the Colonial Slate color. This shingle carries a 130 mph wind rating.
All roofing systems with Roof It Forward are stripped down to the decking. The decking is inspected and re-nailed as needed. All rot is pointed out and never covered up. New metals, vents, pipe flashing, and underlayments are replaced. A secondary ice and water shield is placed in the valley areas, as well.
The Colonial Slate colored Duration shingles nicely complement the home.
Roof Replacement Indianapolis
the front of a customer's home
a home with a new roofing system
a Roof It Forward truck parked in front of a house