Learn more about ARAC Roof It Forward - Georgia's recent work requests in Woodstock, GA
Vicinity of Waterfront Ct in Woodstock
There is a rain-water leak that is coming down the water heater pipe. It seems like the cap on the roof needs to be replaced or resealed. The ceiling where the water heater pipe goes up is starting to show signs of a bigger leak.
Vicinity of Highland Ct in Woodstock
I have water getting in somewhere by my back door and is beginning to cause damage to my hard wood flooring around the door. I think it may be roof or gutter related
Vicinity of Rose Creek Run in Woodstock
We had a hail storm on the 20th with decent wind and hail. Had another heavy storm on the 23rd. I happened to be out of town on the 20th when it happened but after seeing the storm reports, I thought it would be a good idea to have the roof checked out.
Vicinity of Reed Cir in Woodstock
Vicinity of Mirramont Lane in Woodstock
Roof replacement/damage estimate
Vicinity of Ryder Ct in Woodstock
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Little Brook Dr in Woodstock
Just purchased a home and building inspector mentioned need to insulation and roof replacement in the near future.
Vicinity of Arden Close in Woodstock
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on roofitforward.com that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: gutters. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Colonial Drive in Woodstock
A small section of soffit has rotted & requires replacement.
Vicinity of Pink Goss Road in Woodstock
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on roofitforward.com that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: painting. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Ridge View Crossing in Woodstock
There have been three separate leaks in my roof, some of which have cause drywall damage. I live in a townhome and share a roof with my two neighbors. The shingles on the roof have a manufacturer's defect and are no longer made, but the insurance company won't cover a roof replacement until leaking causes damage because the shingles "pop" in the heat and look like hail damage. House is 12 years old.
Vicinity of Park Creek Rdg in Woodstock
After the hail storm last week I saw pieces of shingles on the floor an part of our gutters fell.
Vicinity of Willow Way in Woodstock
We have sold our home and inspector is requesting added insulation in attic.
Vicinity of W Putnam Ferry Rd in Woodstock
We are renovating the home and need to see if the roof needs to be replaced. Also if we can fix existing the siding.
Vicinity of Citronelle Dr in Woodstock
3-4 for patch of shingles slid down leaving exposed underlayer.
Vicinity of Cambridge Court in Woodstock
Need new attic installation and new attic fan
Vicinity of Springwater Trace in Woodstock
I've got one wall that needs to be resided. It's 3 stories (2 stories and drive under garage), would like to install fiber cement.
Vicinity of Village Trace in Woodstock
Do you have an estimate for a roof inspection?
Vicinity of Woodstock in Woodstock
Hi there, do you do roof repair in Woodstock? Thanks! Steve
Vicinity of Knotts Landing Drive in Woodstock
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Waters Rd. in Woodstock
Roof replacement.
Vicinity of Long Shadow Court in Woodstock
We need the exterior of our house painted, new gutters, and also our roof to be inspected.
Vicinity of ROKEBY DR in Woodstock
We need an evaluation of our roof. We have had several leaks, saw a new water spot on ceiling yesterday.
Vicinity of Brookeshyre Ct in Woodstock
Looking to replace roof which would go through insurance as there is identifiable wind damage, but I would like to 'upgrade' from the current lowest cost shingles to something a bit better so I also am wanting to get a cost estimate for that part especially.
Vicinity of Rocking Chair Ct in Woodstock
Hello. I need to have someone come out and take a look at my roof. It appears I may have some flashing missing where a pipe exits my home through the roof. The small hole/area can be seen from my attic. This is causing a slight leak from wind-driven rain. Thank you!
Vicinity of Westover Ct in Woodstock
Exterior siding will need to be replace within the next couple years and I would like to get a quote on how much that will be so I can decide when/how best to replace
Vicinity of New Echota Way in Woodstock
Need gutters cleaned
Vicinity of Brookridge Drive in Woodstock
Friend and past customer of yours who is a contractor, says I have at least 3 elevations with wind damage from recent storms. Please come check it out. We have USAA for home insurance.
Vicinity of Justin Drive in Woodstock
Runoff water is being channeled under siding of the house creating a leak inside.
Vicinity of Beaver Pond Drive in Woodstock
I have a small leak from the storm on the 11th and my insurance company said to call and see if I could get a quote to see if there is more damage than I think. They did not want to open a claim until I talked with someone. I noticed you do a free quote.
Vicinity of Huntcliff Dr. in Woodstock
Need a new roof- original roof from early 90s, gutters- broken and making water damage siding, and chimney- outside rotting of siding from water from gutters, etc. Would like an estimate on how much it would cost to fix all of these things. Thanks!.
Vicinity of Finsbury Lane in Woodstock
Water leaking from gutters into wood floor
Vicinity of Southfork Dr in Woodstock
Need roof inspection
Vicinity of Helga Way in Woodstock
I believe I have storm damage. I noticed some loose shingles the other day.
Vicinity of Eagle Glen Dr in Woodstock
Need roof replaced
Vicinity of Wallnut Hall Circle in Woodstock
Loose shingles due to storm & harsh winds. House built in 2003.
Vicinity of Mountain Mist Drive in Woodstock
I am purchasing a new home, and the inspection was completed this morning. The inspector told me that it appears the roof has Atlas Chalet shingles that are blistered, and that there is a class action law suit against the company who manufactured the Atlas Chalet shingles. Would you be able to tell me if this roof could be replaced by my insurance once I am in the house? I don't want to purchase the home if I can't get the roof replaced at little or not cost to me. Thanks for your help!
Vicinity of TOWNE LAKE HLS N in Woodstock
Want to install "gutter guards" or similar to my gutters. And/or replace my 4" gutters (?) with 5" or 6" gutters (depending on your recommendation).
Vicinity of Britley Park Pane in Woodstock
Wanted to check our roof, we think the last time we had severe storms it affect our roof. I found a piece of shingles in my back yard.
Vicinity of Osprey Pointe in Woodstock
Water Damage -- need repair quote.
Vicinity of Wallnut Hall Cir in Woodstock
Wind damage from April 5 storm
Vicinity of Colonial Drive in Woodstock
Hole in soffit
Vicinity of Old Tassel Ct. in Woodstock
Need to replace gutters. Down Spouts ok.
Vicinity of Mountain View Drive in Woodstock
I need to have my roof replaced.
Vicinity of Surrey Dr in Woodstock
Need to replace 20 year old roof asap
Vicinity of Pritchett in Woodstock
Metal roofing material
Vicinity of Hillmont Drive in Woodstock
I have a not very old steel roof than is leaking some.
Vicinity of Bendleton Drive in Woodstock
I have some rotten trim that needs to be replaced as well as the whole exterior needs to be painted. Thanks
Vicinity of Bascomb Dr in Woodstock
I have a leak in my roof and need new gutters on one side of the house. My roof probably needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Wiley Bridge Court in Woodstock
Please call Friday. Roof needs to be replaced. approx. 27 squares Looking for estimate. You did our neighbors house at 115. thanks
Vicinity of Weatherstone Drive in Woodstock
Looking for a quote for a roof replacement.
Vicinity of Lake in Woodstock
Had my gutter taken down over my deck for repair but need someone to put the gutter back up. The gutter piece is not damaged at all, it had 4 anchor screws to secure it and I just need someone to put it back up. Takes no more than 15-20 minutes.
Vicinity of Bermuda Run in Woodstock
Need roof replacement. Roof 25 years old.
Vicinity of Sandpiper Drive in Woodstock
Need estimate for a new roof. This is a rental house I own in Woodstock. I live in Marietta. Advise date this can be done. Thanks Bill Fambrough
Vicinity of Melrose Circle in Woodstock
Small Roof leak