Chris Asher

Chris Asher

Executive Director Of Sales And Promotions

Chris Asher, Executive director of sales and promotions

More About Chris

My name is Chris Asher, I am the Executive Director of Sales & Promotions here in our Indiana Market. I have been with the company since shortly after its inception here in Indiana. I bring to the table many years of extensive construction background, as well as many years of Business Management, Operations, and Leadership. I have extensive experience in all aspects of property restoration, including both retail and insurance on both residential and commercial. One of my primary focuses within our company is to ensure that every customer has the best experience possible. I believe that our company stands apart for three reasons. Those reasons are, our level of honesty and integrity, our industry leading products, and our leading edge on bettering the health of our community's children. This is what brought me here to Roof It Forward. I am a father of nine amazing kids, and a husband to my beautiful wife Makayla. My youngest son Colton is who really drives my love for my company and what it is that we do, that's because my son has a terminal lung illness called Cystic Fibrosis. He was diagnosed with this at birth, and has been kicking its butt ever since.

As the Executive Director of Sales & Promotions, I make sure that I am always on the cutting edge of both the residential and commercial roof installation world. I personally have replaced roofs on strip malls, apartment complexes, churches, as well as countless residential roofs from old multilayer homes, to your more traditional asphalt shingle homes, to a man's best friends' dog house. The other blessing of my job is training new folks on what it is that our company stands for, what to look for out in the field as well as what it means to be a Roof It Forward Team Member. Here at Roof It Forward I have worn many hats, I have been involved in growing our customer base in the field, to project management, and now training our sales force. You'll also see me out in the community at local events and fairs, spreading the word about Roof It Forward and passing out kids hard hats and candy, you may even spot the pink panther.

Here at Roof It Forward we are much more than Indiana's Industry Leading Owens Corning Platinum Contractor. We are industry changers, being on the Owens Corning Advisory Board we are meticulously involved in many code changes both residential and commercially. We also offer our customers industry leading products, as we believe that is the best way to do business. Here at Roof It Forward, we realize that your home is what protects your family from all of mother nature's elements, and we want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Finally, we are life changers, that's because we believe that we exist to honor god through giving, and we do that through our Roof It Forward Program. So when you do business with us you get more than a new roofing system that exceeds industry standards in every way. We Roof It Forward to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, as well as countless other organizations that specialize in bettering the health of our community's children. Here at Roof It Forward we are more than the Industry leader, we are a family. We hope to welcome you and your family to ours very soon. God Bless